Kogan donates A$10,000 to the DSF

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on December 16, 2013

The Django Software Foundation (DSF) is proud to announce that we have just received an A$10,000 (around US$9,000) donation from Kogan.com.

Kogan.com is one of Australia's most recognisable entrepreneurial brands and values technology at its core. Kogan selected Django as its website platform in 2006 because of it’s scalable design, flexibility and burgeoning open source community. Django has been (and still is) Kogan’s platform of choice throughout the company’s rapid growth as Australia’s largest online retailer.

Kogan & its software engineering team give a big shout out to everyone in the Django community and extend a special thanks to the team behind significant ORM speed improvements in the Django 1.6 release! The team is excited to have built several world-first e-commerce innovations on a platform that is so enjoyable to work with!

The DSF will use these funds to help support Django development sprints, to provide financial aid to people in the Django community to attend Django and Python events, and to support any other activities that benefit the Django community.

A huge thanks to Ruslan Kogan and his team for this generous contribution!

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