DjangoCon Europe 2014: tickets are now on sale

Posted by Daniele Procida on December 31, 2013

Tickets for DjangoCon Europe 2014, which will be held on the Île des Embiez, are now on sale!

There's an initial run of 50 early tickets, after which prices will go up.

What's different this year is that all tickets include your accommodation and your meals.

It can be a hassle to book suitable accommodation in a place you don't know well, never mind try to work out a budget in advance for your meals and other expenses.

Now consider that this year's DjangoCon Europe will take place on the French Riviera - a gorgeous place to stay, but not exactly noted for being an inexpensive place to visit.

This year, you don't need to worry about finding suitable and affordable accommodation, or where to eat or how much it will cost, because we have taken care of it for you.

As well as saving you the time and trouble of doing it yourself, this will make it much less expensive than it would otherwise have been, because we've been able to negotiate all these prices on your behalf.

So, the basic cost for the event, including two nights' accommodation, two breakfasts, three lunches and two evening meals is a mere €610 at the early bird rate (and only €670 thereafter).

As anyone who is familiar with the French Riviera can tell you, that's very good value, and it includes the entire conference too!

On top of the basic ticket there are various options:

Early arrival

If you prefer to arrive on Monday afternoon or evening rather than Tuesday morning, you can purchase an extra night (dinner and breakfast included of course).


Sprinters should purchase a ticket for the extra two nights and four meals.

Partners and family

Finally, it's not often that one gets to visit a place as special as the Île des Embiez, so make the most of it. You're invited to bring your partner and family!

The island has beaches, nature reserves, sporting facilities, some splendid wildlife - and there are no cars on the island, so it's a lovely environment.

Your partner can join you by purchasing the appropriate Companion ticket. There's no charge for children under four. We're working out prices for older children.

We often talk of the Python/Django family or community, but we're really serious about embracing a wider community - let's make this DjangoCon a truly inclusive family affair!

Djangonaut couples

If both you and your partner wish to attend the conference, you should register as an Attendee and Companion, rather than purchasing two full tickets. Note that this is aimed at couples, and that only double beds are provided.

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