DjangoCon Australia T-shirts available

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on July 6, 2013

Down at the bottom end of the world, in Hobart, Tasmania, a very successful DjangoCon Australia has just wrapped up.

DjangoCon Australia was organized as a miniconference tied to PyCon Australia. As a result of being a miniconference, the budget didn't allow us to print a conference shirt for every attendee -- but everyone likes a conference shirt, so we're selling one as a fundraising activity for the Django Software Foundation.

The shirt is available in two styles: Mens/Unisex, and Women's relaxed fit. Both styles of shirt are US$15, plus postage and handling. $7 from the sale of each mens shirt, and $5 from the sale of each womens shirt, will go to the DSF.

The sale is time limited - if you want a shirt, you need to place your order before Wednesday, July 10. The sale is also contingent on selling enough shirts - if we don't get 50 orders for mens shirts, they won't be printed; if we don't get 20 orders for womens shirts, they won't be printed. Don't worry, though - you won't be charged if we don't hit our sales targets.

It doesn't matter whether you attended DjangoCon Australia; the shirts are available to everybody around the world.

So - go grab yourself a piece of history, and help raise some funds for the DSF!

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