Kickstarting Schema Migrations for Django

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on March 22, 2013

One big feature that has been missing from Django since its inception is a built-in framework for managing changes in database models over time. The importance of this feature in practice led to the development of South, which has essentially become a defacto standard within the Django community.

South developer and member of the Django core team Andrew Godwin would like fix this situation, and bring schema migrations to Django's core. However, to do this he needs the community's help.

Developing something as large and complex as a schema migration tool takes time, and that time can be hard to find in a busy schedule. To help fund development, Andrew has launched a project on Kickstarter. The funds will be used to pay for Andrew's time so that he can finish work on the codebase and get it ready for inclusion in Django.

You can find a lot more details about Andrew's plans on the Kickstarter project page.

The Django Software Foundation and the Django Core team have both endorsed this effort. We hope that you will join us in supporting Andrew's Kickstarter project, and help finally bring schema migrations to Django's core.

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