DjangoCon US Closing Keynote Announced

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee and Steve Holden on August 5, 2014

Today DjangoCon US announced the second of 2014's keynote speakers, Daniele Procida. Daniele's achievements in the Django community include the development and presentation of "Don't be Afraid to Commit" workshops encouraging engagement with the open source (and specifically the Django) developer community. These practical sessions include instruction on how to get the most out of the combination of pip, virtualenv and git, essential to any modern Python user. With over 600 individual commits to Github projects in the last year Daniele is clearly an open source devotee.

Daniele's talk, All You Need is L***, will attempt to place technical development in a larger context. As members of a community, it's important to be aware of the sometimes-invisible conditions (invisible particularly to those who already enjoy them) of participation and success, and the ease with which good fortune can be construed as what we deserve.

Daniele will be discussing some of the things that make it possible for an individual to participate and succeed in our industry, and our community. Are they fair? Can they be made fair? And what are we in the Django community doing about it?"

This closing keynote is certain to give you food for thought, and will doubtless be the subject of many conversations in the sprints and for delegates on their way home from DjangoCon US.

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