A thank you to the companies that support Django's infrastructure

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on August 23, 2014

It's not surprising that a project developing an open source web framework will, from time to time, require server resources. When a project gets to be the size of Django, the server resources needed to support the project can get expensive.

Luckily, we don't have to cover these costs ourselves. We have a lot of very generous companies in our community that donate server resources to the Django Software Foundation (DSF) so that Django can keep running.

There are two companies in particular that deserve to be pointed out for their generous contributions supporting the Django project's infrastructure.

Firstly, Rackspace donates server instances that we use to run the main djangoproject.com web site, plus docs.djangoproject.com. These sites generate a lot of traffic - millions of hits per month - and they're the most visible parts of Django's public presence. In addition, Rackespace donates servers to run Django's Continuous Integration (CI) servers. These servers run the full Django test suite on every supported database and platform to make sure that we don't ship a release with a known problem on a supported platform.

Secondly, Heroku recently donated $1500 in service credits to the DSF. This matches a similar grant they gave the DSF last year. We use Heroku to host such services as dashboard.djangoproject.com, people.djangoproject.com, djangosnippets.org, and a Sentry instance.

A huge thanks to Rackspace and Heroku for their generous contributions to the Django community!

UPDATE 25 August 7:00 CDT: Another company that we neglected to mention is Divio. Django's CI infrastructure has only recently been moved to Rackspace; for several years prior to this move, Divio provided the hosting for our CI tools. Although Divio is no longer providing this resource, it was invaluable for the several years that we were using it. A belated Thank You to goes to Divio for their generous contribution.

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