Django Update - 2014-02-09 to 2014-02-22

Posted by Curtis Maloney on February 24, 2014


Oops, a bit late this time around. That's what I get for doing more things than I ought!


Lots of people are preparing their GSoC submissions, and the ideas are in hot discussion. One of the most active discussions is about replacing the venerable, but much maligned, Django Template Language with Jinja2.

Ticket Movement

Short lived tickets: 58

Tickets Created: 46

Open tickets: 1391 (-15)


The developers of the Unsetting Project have raised their hands, and asked for more input from the community. Their goal is, as I understand it, to provide two API layers for Django - one that we're familiar with, and the other below it not requiring

Did you know?

The {% regroup %} tag doesn't sort your data, so if you're not careful it may produce multiple groups with the same 'grouper' value. However, sometimes you may want this...


Sorry I'm late this cycle, folks, but I'm sure you don't mind.

And remember, if you've anything you think the community might benefit from, please drop me a line...

-- Have a better one!

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