Django Update - 2014-02-23 to 2014-03-08

Posted by Curtis Maloney on March 9, 2014


Well, here we are for another round-up of the life of your favourite (well, I hope:) web framework...


Submissions for the GSoC are coming in thick and fast. I notice a strong contingent from India - has this become a standard part of the uni curriculum now?

The Django trunk is about to go into feature freeze leading up to the release of Django 1.7, so what you see now is what we're getting - which is by no means a small lot! If you ever felt like contributing to Django in a meaningful way, perhaps start now by tacking any of the release blockers?

Ticket Movement

Short lived tickets: 35

Tickets Created: 28

Open tickets: 1387 (-4)


Vernon Cole has put forward his solution to the settings issue. However, several core devs have posited that the existing solution is deliberately simple, and this should be spun off as a stand-alone project template.

The debate around multi-line tags has been resurreceted. Do you think it's worth potentially breaking the templating?

Did you know?

In 1.6 QuerySet had first and last methods added.

So now if you want the first/last item in your queryset, you can use these methods, and get a None if nothing matches.


I was rather hoping that someone by now would have emailed in at least one thing they'd like to let people know about...

-- Have a better one!

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