Django Update - 2014-03-09 to 2014-03-22

Posted by Curtis Maloney on March 23, 2014


Are you as excited as I am about the pending 1.7 release? Really? How excited am I, then?


I've had quite a few submissions to ... keep them coming, people!

Erik Romijn has been accepted as a new core developer for Django! Please join me in congratulating Erik!

Omer Katz is working on django-natural-query to try to bring more Pythonic syntax to Django's ORM. Various other ORMs use this approach of operator overloading, but is the change worth it? Do we lose too much?

Vladimir Macek wanted to draw your attention to his model design tool dmint. Could save you some typing... quite slick!

Ticket Movement

Short lived tickets: 44

Tickets Created: 30

Open tickets: 1389 (+2)


Word is the kickstarter project to write an improve Postgres driver for Django has closed, and ended up funding beyond all stretch goals!

I've started work on a new template engine. The main goals are to compile down to AST (and thus compiled Python) for lightning fast rendering. It's still early days, but feedback is welcome.

Did you know?

Markus Holtermann (MarkusH on IRC) reminds us you can tweak the 'url' property of your SimpleTestCase (and, thus, any django test case) to override the ROOT_URLCONF for that test case.


Ever wondered what I sound like? Well, soon you can hear me on an upcoming episode of the Django News Podcast.

-- Have a better one!

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