Garments for well-dressed Djangonauts

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on May 21, 2014

The fundraising campaign for the Django 1.7 release shirt was extremely successful - we sold 665 garments, raising over $7000 for the Django Software Foundation. A huge "Thank you" to everyone who contributed.

When we originally launched the campaign, it was advertised as a one-time-only offer. However, we received a number of reports that due to some problems with our supplier, some people were unable to place orders. To make sure that everyone who wanted a shirt was able to buy one we've decided to re-open the campaign for a short time. If you missed out during the first campaign, you can now place your orders for the new campaign.

At the same time, we're also offering a DjangoCon Europe 2014 shirt. DjangoCon Europe, held on the Île des Embiez in the south of France, was held last week, and was a magnificent event. While attendees received (and made great use of!) a conference hat to ward off the island sun, some attendees were unhappy that there wasn't a conference shirt in the swag bag - so, the conference organizers have put together a campaign for a shirt with official DjangoCon Europe artwork.

You have until June 1 to place your order for either shirt. This is absolutely the last time the Django 1.7 shirt will be available for sale, and the only time the DjangoCon Europe shirt will be offered for sale, so don't miss out!

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