Django Fellowship fundraising goal achieved!

Posted by Ola Sitarska, Jannis Leidel on January 27, 2015

YAY! Thanks to the amazing help from the Django community all over the world, we just crossed the Django Fellowship Fundraising campaign goal of US $30,000 with a significant donation from the Django Under The Hood conference and the Django Dutch Association.

You. Are. All. Awesome.

We are incredibly grateful for your continuous support and encouragement. More than 150 companies and individuals helped us to continue the Django Fellowship Program in just under 6 days. This exceeds all of our wildest expectations. The Django community is what makes all the work that the contributors and volunteers put into development of Django worthwhile. Thanks to you, we will be able to develop and maintain Django in a more stable and consistent way, with better code reviews and timely releases.

The next goal

Of course, there is always more that can be done and we don’t want to stop here. We also realize that ending this campaign just after 6 days would mean that lots of people and companies would not get an opportunity to contribute and help the cause they care about.

This is why we’ve decided to extend the goal to US $50,000, which would allow the Django Software Foundation to expand the program even further.

Once we reach the goal of US $50,000, we will focus on making the program sustainable by making it easy for everyone to create a smaller recurring donation and fill the Django heart with pixels of love on a monthly basis. This will allow the Foundation to carry on with the work without contributing a significant resources and time for fundraising campaign every quarter.

Help us spread the word

Despite an amazing effort coming from the whole community, we know that our message hasn't reached everyone yet. And there are a lot more Django users and companies that can help us make it happen. So please, talk to the companies you work for and let us know how we can help them. There are always alternative ways to donate or partner with the Django Software Foundation. We would be more than happy to find a solution that works for everyone and we’re very open to hear your thoughts. Get in touch with us here.

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