Django Software Foundation announces Diversity Statement

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on June 16, 2015

While the Django Software Foundation (DSF) has passed a Community Code of Conduct that indirectly establishes that we consider diversity to be a desirable goal, and the DSF has funded many activities that promote diversity, we've never made a clear public statement that we consider diversity a desirable goal.

We'd like to address that.

The membership of the Django Software Foundation has just drafted, and the DSF Board has approved, a Diversity Statement for the Django community. The draft draws heavily on the diversity statement published by Dreamwidth.

These words, by themselves, won't change much about the way the DSF operates. However, The Zen of Python tells us that "explicit is better than implicit". Making a statement like this is a signal to the broader community about what sort of community Django aspires to be -- and if we ever fail to meet those aspirations, we can be called on it so that we can do better.

If you have any questions about this statement, or any other feedback for the DSF, please get in touch.

UPDATE 20 June 2015: Corrected reference to PEP20, rather than PEP8.

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