Django 1.10 released

Posted by Tim Graham on August 1, 2016

The Django team is happy to announce the release of Django 1.10.

As always, the release notes cover the panoply of new features in detail, but a few highlights are:

You can get Django 1.10 from our downloads page or from the Python Package Index. The PGP key ID used for this release is Tim Graham: 1E8ABDC773EDE252.

Django 1.10 will receive fixes for security issues, data loss bugs, crashing bugs, major functionality bugs in newly-introduced features, and regressions from older versions of Django for eight months until April 2017. Fixes for security issues and data loss bugs will be provided for another eight months until December 2017.

With the release of Django 1.10, Django 1.9 has reached the end of mainstream support. The final minor bugfix release (1.9.9) was issued today. Django 1.9 will receive security and data loss fixes for another eight months until April 2017. See the downloads page for a table of supported versions and the future release schedule.

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