Security advisory: Vulnerability in password reset (master branch only)

Posted by Markus Holtermann on November 21, 2016

Today, Florian Apolloner, a member of the Django security team, discovered and fixed a critical security issue in the new PasswordResetConfirmView that was added to the Django master branch on July 16th, 2016. The view didn't validate the password reset token on POST requests and therefore allowed anyone to reset passwords for any user.

This issue doesn't affect any released versions of Django. Per our security policy, security issues in master, but not present in any released version, are disclosed and fixed in public without pre-notification.

The issue demonstrates the complexity of class-based generic views, and the Django team advises caution when using them for security-sensitive functionality. We'll consider removing the class-based authentication views that are in the master branch, planned for Django 1.11. The discussion for this will take place publicly on the django-developers mailing list.

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