DjangoCon US 2017 Update: Call for Proposals, Mentorship, and Financial Aid Are Open!

Posted by Rebecca Kindschi, Jeff Triplett, and the DjangoCon US team on February 13, 2017

In case you missed the news, DjangoCon US 2017 will take place in beautiful Spokane, Washington, from August 13-18, 2017! We’ll have more information on the venue and ticket sales soon, but we’re pleased to announce the following items.

Call for Proposals (CFP)

Our CFP for talks and tutorials is now open! The deadline for submissions is April 10, 2017. We’re looking for speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Talk and tutorial presenters also receive free admission to DjangoCon US.

Financial Aid Application

Grants to assist with your travel and lodging expenses are available as well. Our Financial Aid application is also now open. The deadline is April 10, 2017.

Seeking Speaker Mentors

Preparing and giving a talk at a conference is no small task, and it can be even more intimidating to first-time presenters. We're looking for encouraging people with talk or tutorial experience to volunteer to be mentors for this year's DjangoCon US 2017 speakers. Mentors provide encouragement and advice to participating presenters on an informal basis.

A good mentor should:

  • have previous speaking experience
  • ...or have previous experience giving tutorials
  • be familiar with how to propose a talk or tutorial
  • be able to help construct an effective, engaging talk
  • encourage first-time speakers, non-native English speakers, or anyone needing a little boost
  • be able to provide critique, advice, or refinements on a presentation

This is a strictly volunteer position with a small time commitment. It's so rewarding to help someone else kick off their speaking career!

If you'd like to help out as a mentor, please contact us and include a quick description of yourself, your speaking experience, and why you'd like to help.

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