Nominations for the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize 2017

Posted by Daniele Procida on November 10, 2017

Malcolm Tredinnick was an early member of Django's core team. He contributed a great deal of code to the Django Project, and a vast amount of his time helping and encouraging others.

Malcolm died young, in March 2013. In his memory, the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize is awarded annually. It is intended to recognise someone who participates in the Django community in the same spirit as Malcolm: welcoming, nurturing and suppporting newcomers and helping other people.

You can read more about Malcolm and his contribution to Django, and about the prize.

We invite your nominations for this year's prize. Please drop us a line at, telling us whom you'd like to nominate and why you think their contribution is a worthy continuation of Malcolm's work for the Django community.

Anyone is welcome to nominate a candidate.

Nominations will remain open for two weeks (until Friday 24th November 2017).

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