Results of the DSF Board election

Posted by Daniele Procida on January 6, 2018

The DSF membership elected a new board last month. The six elected directors of the DSF for 2018 are (in alphabetical order):

There were 39 candidates this year. Last year, there were just six.

We had multiple candidates from each of: North and South America, Europe, Australia, India and Africa.

This year, half of the board is from outside of the USA; previously the USA has been heavily over-represented.

53 people voted, compared with 12 last year.

Half of our board members are women, and we have our first African director of the DSF (Anna Makarudze).

Many thanks to all who participated - both those who voted, and especially those who put themselves forward to serve on the board. Thanks are also due to the outgoing Board.

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