The DSF Welcomes Carlton Gibson as its Newest Fellow

Posted by Brian Moloney on January 12, 2018

On November 16, 2017, the DSF made a call for Django Fellow applicants. On behalf of the Django Software Foundation, the DSF Fellowship Committee is pleased to announce Carlton Gibson as the newest Django Fellow. Carlton is joining Tim Graham who recently announced his scale back of hours. Tim will be transitioning to part-time but remaining as a Fellow.

Carlton has been involved in the Django community since 2009. He has been a core team member of the Django REST Framework for several years. He's a major contributor to Django Filter, Django Crispy Forms and Django AppConf as well as Django Compressor and many others. He is also an instructor for Django Girls in Barcelona.

The DSF received 15 applicants, all of which were reviewed by the Fellowship Committee before coming to a consensus decision on Carlton. The level of talent and professionalism in the applicant pool made the decision process a difficult one. We are grateful for all who applied and their desire to participate in this important initiative.

The Fellowship program has been a great success for the past three years and is only possible through generous support of the Django Software Foundation. If you or your organization benefit from Django and the work of the Fellowship program, please consider a donation. Every dollar amount, large or small, makes an impact.

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