DjangoCon Europe in 2019 - last call for speakers

Posted by Daniele Procida and the DjangoCon Europe 2019 team on January 13, 2019

Call for Participation

We invite all Djangonauts, Pythonistas and people who could make a contribution to our community to attend and share their knowledge and insight.

Our call for proposals remains open for another week, until the 20th January.

We’re looking for speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds, on any topic that could be relevant to our attendees - this includes non-technical talks that shed light on Django and our work with it.

We support our speakers with:

  • free admission to DjangoCon Europe
  • grants to ensure that those who need additional financial support will be given the opportunity to attend (see below)
  • a mentorship programme for speakers who'd like it

Speaker diversity at DjangoCon Europe

We especially want to feature more speakers from the sections of our community that are less well-represented at our events - we know they're there, and we know they're making contributions, but they get to speak less often to our audiences.

Diversity in our community is a goal for us, and with each proposal and each speaker, we feel a real lift in our motivation, because we value the contribution it will make to our conference.

We need to present a balanced roster of speakers, that captures a wealth of experience only possible through diversity of gender, ethnicity, age and other attributes, so we ask you to help us by coming forward with your proposal.

Each year, DjangoCon Europe makes substantial efforts put together a diverse programme, and each year succeeds in bringing some new faces to the stage. We're trying to build on that - please help us. If you could be a speaker yourself, tell us what you have to share; if you know someone else who has done something or thought something new or interesting - encourage them to put themselves forward.

Opportunity Grants

Our conference opportunity grant programme will provide financial assistance to attendees who'd otherwise find it difficult to attend. We can help with the cost of accommodation, travel and tickets. As usual, this is an important part of our event, and we have allocated substantial resources to supporting it. Please take advantage of it!

Application must be submitted via our Grants page by 20th January.

Accessibility at DjangoCon Europe 2019

You'll be glad to know that:

  • Our venue is wheelchair-friendly.
  • Catering will provide options to suit all dietary requirements (just let us know in advance, by the 26th March).
  • We will have free child-care provision (important - we need to know your requirements by the 19th March.)
  • Our talks will be supported by a live speech-to-text reporting service.
  • There will be quiet spaces at the event where you can take a break from the conference bustle if you need one.
  • We will be glad to hear from you about anything you need in order to make the event more accessible - and we will do our best to provide it. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Social events

Social events will reflect the character of Copenhagen and our venue, and in line with our conference aims will be safe (our Code of Conduct covers all conference-related activities) and suitable for all our attendees.


Tickets are on sale, and generously discounted early-bird tickets are available until the end of January.

As usual, tickets to the conference will sell out in advance. Don't leave it until too late!


DjangoCon Europe is only possible through the contribution of commercial sponsors. We invite you to support us.

We value the generous participation that businesses using Python and Django make to our event, and it's appreciated by our attendees too - they know how vital sponsors are to the event. Sponsors receive recognition in a number of ways.

Please see our Sponsorship page for more information and the sponsorship opportunities available.

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