Introducing DjangoCon Africa

Posted by Anna Makarudze, Daniele Procida, Helen Bire and Noah Alorwu on November 18, 2019

Following the huge success of PyCon Africa, the Django community in Africa is ready to bring a new major software event to the continent - the very first DjangoCon Africa! The Django Software Foundation is excited to endorse and support this initiative.

Plans are already in motion for a DjangoCon Africa to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in November 2020. Actual dates to be announced as soon as key details are in place.

DjangoCon Africa will include 3 days of single-track talks, 1 day of workshops and sprints, and another day for touring for international visitors.

The event will also include a Django Girls workshop to be held the weekend before DjangoCon Africa. To make the conference as inclusive as possible, the event will offer financial aid to members of under-represented communities in software to ensure they can also attend.

The CFP, which is open to all, will also be announced as soon as key details are in place.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country in North East of Africa, commonly known as the Horn of Africa. It is a country with a rich history and many historical places to visit. The country is highly accessible to all, with African Union members having the option of applying for visa on arrival at Bole International Airport or applying for an e-visa like the rest of the world before traveling to Ethiopia.

The country also boasts of the largest airline in the whole of Africa, with the country’s airline, Ethiopian Airlines having 53 routes in Africa, 17 in Europe, 7 in the Americas, 14 in Asia and 10 in the Middle East. This makes this country very accessible to all of Africa and the rest of the world and hence an ideal location for the first DjangoCon Africa.

See you in Addis Ababa in November 2020 for the first ever DjangoCon Africa!

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