PyCharm & DSF Campaign 2022 Results

Posted by William Vincent on June 24, 2022

The sixth annual JetBrains PyCharm promotion in June netted the Django Software Foundation $25,000 this year.

This amount represents over 10% of the DSF's overall budget, which goes directly into funding the continued development and support of Django via the Django Fellowship program and Django conferences worldwide.

Django Software Foundation

The Django Software Foundation is the non-profit foundation that supports the development of the Django Web framework. It funds the Django Fellowship program, which currently supports two Fellows who triage tickets, review/merge patches from the community, and work on infrastructure. The introduction of this program starting in 2015 has gone a long way towards ensuring a consistent major release cycle and the fixing/blocking of severe bugs. DSF also funds development sprints, community events like DjangoCons, and related conferences and workshops globally.

Fundraising is still ongoing and you can donate directly at

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