2023 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize awarded to Djangonaut Space

Posted by Chaim Kirby on December 8, 2023

The Django Software Foundation Board is pleased to announce that the 2023 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize has been awarded to Djangonaut Space.

Djangonaut Space, run by organizers Dawn Wages, Rachell Calhoun, Sarah Abderemane, Sarah Boyce, and Tim Schilling, is a mentoring initiative dedicated to expanding contributions and diversifying contributors within the Django community. Drawing on their extensive experience as mentors and contributors, they've cultivated an inclusive universe for newcomers, emphasizing group learning, sustainability, leadership development and generous use of space puns. 🌌

Thanks to the fantastic support from a team of volunteer mentors, the program had a stellar pilot session, propelling 🎉 nine 🎉 pull requests (PRs) to Django and launching 🎊 five 🎊 new contributors into the Django community. 🥳 Given the community's enthusiastic interest and demand, the program is well-positioned to evolve and expand at warp speed, welcoming even more Djangonauts on future missions. 🚀

Each year we receive many nominations, and it is always hard to pick the winner. This year, as always, we received many nominations for the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Price with some being nominated multiple times. Some have been nominated in multiple years. If your nominee didn’t make it this year, you can always nominate them again next year.

Malcolm would be very proud of the legacy he has fostered in our community!

Congratulations Djangonaut Space on the well-deserved honor!

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