May 2023 Grants

Posted by Catherine Holmes on May 15, 2023

I wanted to share today some of the great things that DSF donations go towards. This month was a particularly big month in grant approval, so I wanted to highlight some of those, and with it, some of the exciting things happening in the Django community.

$6,000 to DjangoCon Africa

The first DjangoCon Africa was scheduled to take place in 2020. However, with the global health situation as it was, 2023 is now the inaugural DjangoCon Africa, and the DSF is excited to be part of that. This grant is to help DjangoCon Africa get started, and to fund smaller grants help attendees attend DjangoCon Africa. DjangoCon Africa will be November 6-11.

$6,000 to DjangoCon US

This year, DjangoCon US is a hybrid conference, taking place in Durham, NC, and online. This was a great success last year, making the conference more accessible than ever, and there has been special focus this year on enhancing both conference experiences. 100% of the DSF’s donation for DjangoCon US will go to Opportunity Grants, to help people who would be unable to afford the conference, travel, or lodging, to attend the conference. DjangoCon US will take place October 16-20, and a special online tutorials day will happen the week before the conference, on October 8th. Tutorial tickets are separate from conference tickets.

While we are talking about DjangoCons, I didn’t want to go without talking about DjangoCon Europe and DjangoCon Australia, even though grants for these were approved in previous months.

DjangoCon Europe is coming up soon! May 29th- June 2 in Edinburgh! Tickets are on sale now!

DjangoCon Australia is a one day track that runs alongside PyCon AU. It will be August 18, and PyCon AU will continue August 19-22. The CFP is open now:

$1,000 Other

The DSF also vets and approves smaller grants for Django groups all over the world. This month, $1000 in other grants was given out.

$10,000 to DjangoGirls

Finally, I wanted to highlight the DSF’s work with DjangoGirls. DjangoGirls is an organization that provides the reference materials and other resources to empower local groups around the world to host workshops, with a focus on teaching women Python and Django. The DSF supports the organization as a whole, as well as directly sponsoring local groups.

If you are in a position to support these efforts, please consider donating to the DSF. None of this can happen without community support.

For individual and smaller company donations, donate here:

If you wish, your name and a link of your choice can appear on our website for one year. Donations can be one-time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

You can also donate through GitHub:

For companies able to make a larger commitment ($2000+), please look at corporate membership: and consider making an application:

Thank you,

Catherine Holmes

DSF Assistant

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