PyCharm & Django Campaign 2024

Posted by Catherine Holmes on June 6, 2024

The Django Software Foundation's biggest fundraising event of the year is here!

Get 30% off PyCharm, Support Django

Each year, our friends at JetBrains, the creators of PyCharm, run an incredible deal. You get a 30% discounted year of PyCharm, AND the DSF gets 100% of the money. Yes, 100%! It's making a donation and directly getting a great product in return!

The fundraiser will be split this year, and the first half runs until June 15th! Buy PyCharm and support Django!

In the past, JetBrains through the PyCharm fundraiser has provided approximately one quarter of the Django Software Foundation's budget! 

Donations like this fundraiser allow the DSF to function. Our two wonderful Fellows, Natalia Bidart and Sarah Boyce keep Django running smoothly, picking up pieces that would otherwise not happen.

The other side of the DSF is our support for Django groups across the globe. We supported every DjangoCon, particularly with donating funding towards opportunity grants for more people to be able to attend these conferences. The DSF also supports smaller events around the world, including DjangoGirls events.

Finally, I want to tell you about PyCharm itself.

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) that helps professional Python web developers be more productive, be more confident, and write better code. It supports the full Python web workflow out of the box, including popular Python web frameworks, such as Django, frontend technologies, and databases.

Here are the main benefits of using PyCharm in your Django development:

Get Django work done with PyCharm, a powerful IDE tailored for Django web development!

Consider this the easiest charitable donation you will ever make, when you get such a great product in return!

Get 30% off PyCharm, Support Django

Other ways to donate

If you would like to donate in another way, especially if you are already a PyCharm customer, here are other ways to donate to the DSF:

Thank you,

Catherine Holmes

DSF Assistant

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