Week in review

Here are the highlights of Django improvements this week, in chronological order.

  • Revision 1480 -- Added a how to contribute to Django document.
  • Revision 1484 -- Added 'django-admin.py inspectdb' support for SQLite. Thanks, Swaroop.
  • Revision 1489 -- Many-to-many raw_id_admin change page now displays original object(s) correctly. Thanks for reporting, mordaha.
  • Revisions 1495 and 1500 -- Added an Apache authentication handler, so you can tell Apache's authentication machinery to use a Django users database. See the new docs.
  • Revision 1504 -- Changed behavior of QueryDict.items() to be more consistent, fixed mutability holes, gave MultiValueDict many more dictionary methods and added unit tests. Thanks, Kieran Holland. This is slightly backwards-incompatible if you happened to rely on the behavior of QueryDict.items(), which is highly unlikely.
  • Revision 1508 -- Added "OR" support to the database API. See the weblog entry.
  • Revision 1510 -- Added an "allow_empty" hook to the archive_index date-based generic view.
  • Revision 1511 -- Manually-set AutoField values are now respected. Thanks, cygnus.
  • Revision 1513 -- Improved the model validator to throw an error if a model has two ManyToMany relationships to the same model and doesn't set 'singular'.
  • Revision 1516 -- Fixed a bug in the generated DB API for models that have two ManyToManyFields to the same related model.
  • Revision 1517 -- 'django-admin.py sqlsequencereset' now includes the many-to-many join tables. Thanks for reporting, exoweb adrian.
  • Revision 1518 -- "django-admin.py inspectdb" for SQLite now introspects field types. Previously, it used TextField for everything.
  • Revision 1519 -- FileFields now work in the create_update generic view. Thanks, limodou.
  • Revision 1520 -- Added a helpful error message if there's a problem in running the Django unit tests. Thanks, paolo.
  • Revision 1521 -- The admin 'change password' and 'log out' links no longer assume the admin lives at '/admin/'. Thanks, deric at monowerks.
  • Revision 1522 -- The admin bookmarklets no longer assume admin is rooted at '/'.
  • Revision 1526 -- Made 'django-admin.py --help' output easier to read. Thanks, Oliver.
  • Various revisions -- Added support for translation (gettext, etc.) in JavaScript files. See the new docs.
  • Revision 1547 -- Added "__ne__()" support for Django models, which apparently wasn't working on Python 2.3 (?). Thanks, GomoX.

In other Django news:

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on December 4, 2005