Week in review

Here are the highlights of Django improvements this week, in chronological order.

  • Revision 1548 -- Changed CommonMiddleware so it doesn't assume HTTP_HOST is set.
  • Revision 1550 -- Fixed bug in get_next_by_FOO/get_previous_by_FOO methods that caused a database error when using those methods along with joining lookup contraints.
  • Revision 1551 -- Improved django.contrib.admin.views.main to raise ImproperlyConfigured if admin app isn't in INSTALLED_APPS. This avoids one possibility of an obscure error.
  • Revision 1556 -- Added conf/project_template/manage.py, which is a light wrapper around django-admin.py that gets installed in each project with 'startproject'. It takes care of the PYTHONPATH and DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE business automatically. More on this soon.
  • Revision 1565 -- Added an 'It worked' page, in a empty_urlconf() view in views/debug.py. It's called if the URLconf is empty. More on this soon.
  • Revision 1566 -- Fixed a bug in the admin when deleting models with a OneToOneField. Thanks, Eric Moritz.
  • Revision 1569 -- Fixed a bug in saving objects with non-integer primary keys.
  • Revision 1571 -- Fixed a bug in archive_month generic view leaving out the last day of the month. Thanks, ubernostrum.
  • Revision 1575 -- The admin now selects a single choice for ForeignKey fields if only one choice is available. Thanks for reporting, Eugene.
  • Revision 1577 -- Fixed an error when using ChangeManipulator in a model with raw_id_admin on a ForeignKey. Thanks, Gustavo Picon.
  • Revision 1578 -- Fixed an edge-case bug in the debug view for templates that have only one line. Thanks, andy at jadedplanet.
  • Revision 1579 -- Fixed the timesince() utility. Thanks, pgross at ThoughtWorks.
  • Revision 1580 -- The admin-site JavaScript shortcut for raw_id_admin on ManyToManyFields no longer replaces existing values.
  • Revision 1581 -- The 'tables' parameter in the DB API is now only quoted if needed. Thanks, Russell Keith-Magee.
  • Revision 1582 -- Fixed an exception-handling bug in defaulttags SsiNode. Thanks, Henryk on IRC.
  • Revision 1583 -- CREATE TABLE SQL in Postgres now quotes column name in 'CHECK' clause. Thanks, exoweb adrian.
  • Revision 1584 -- Changed default session cookie name from hotclub to sessionid. See the weblog entry..

In other Django news:

  • A couple of more Django jobs have been announced: work with Jacob in Kansas, or work with Antonio Rodriguez (antonio at bitscrap dot com) on a stealth startup in Boston.
  • There was quite a bit of discussion on the django-developers mailing list about cutting out unnecessary magic in Django's database API. We've started a "magic-removal" branch that focuses on removing the magic. See the RemovingTheMagic wiki page for information.
  • "Well, in about 2 hours, I got my whole thing moved over to the Django framework and working much better than before."
  • "Django is a framework that allows for the rapid development of highly interactive websites. The results are stunning and sublime."

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on December 11, 2005