Week in review

It was another huge week in Django development. Here are the highlights of Django improvements this past week:

  • Revision 1224: Django now quotes all names in SQL queries. This allows you to use SQL reserved keywords as table names and column names, and it allows you to use characters such as the hyphen in your database column names. Thanks, Robin Munn and Sune.
  • Revision 1127: Added the authentication docs.
  • Various revisions: Added Bengali, Icelandic, Romanian, Swedish and Welsh translations, and updated several existing translations. Thanks to all translators and to Hugo for keeping things up-to-date!
  • Revision 1149: Improved the admin-site changelog so that it HTML-escapes items. Thanks, Tom Tobin.
  • Revision 1150: Explicitly separated the designations of "database column" and "Python model attribute" in Django models. Now, you always, use whatever name you give your columns. Before, the presence of a db_column attribute caused model object instances to use the db_column as the attribute name.
  • Revision 1151: django-admin.py sqlreset and sqlclear no longer assume the admin app is installed. Thanks, davidschein.
  • Revision 1155: Ensured get_next_by_FOO() and get_previous_by_FOO() methods don't skip or duplicate any records in the case of duplicate values. Thanks, mattycakes.
  • Revision 1158: Made the cache system fault-tolerant of OSError in unpickling session objects. Thanks, Sune.
  • Revision 1163: Entries in INSTALLED_APPS can now be of the form "django.contrib.*", which means every app under "django.contrib", one level deep.
  • Revision 1166: Moved flatpages and redirects to standalone apps in django.contrib that are NOT installed by default. See the blog entry.
  • Revision 1170: Added the Outputting CSV with Django docs.
  • Revision 1173: Changed django-admin.py to display help if invoked with no arguments. Thanks, sopel.
  • Revision 1174: Custom methods in admin.list_display can now have an allow_tags attribute, which doesn't strip tags in the methods' output. Thanks, plisk.
  • Revision 1185: Fixed a problem where errors in settings files were masked for some users in some cases. Thanks, Hugo.
  • Revision 1194: Added the shiny-new syndication (RSS and Atom) framework. See the docs and blog entry.
  • Revision 1202: Improved the isExistingURL validator not to raise ValidationError for URLs that exist but require authorization. Thanks for the report, lakin wrecker.
  • Revision 1204: Languages for language-selection can now be restricted by setting the LANGUAGES setting to some subset of the global_settings-provided list. Thanks, Hugo.

In other Django news:

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on November 13, 2005