Big admin improvements

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on October 18, 2005

I've committed a change that fixes ticket #627. The Django admin app has been refactored, to make things simpler and tighter -- both conceptually and in code layout.

The major change is that an admin site no longer requires its own settings file. Yes, you can run the admin and "main" sites off of the same Django installation!

This should eliminate the problem that some newbies have in keeping track of whether they're using "myproject.settings.admin" or "myproject.settings.main." Now it's just "myproject.settings." Plus, instead of "myproject.settings.urls.main" and "myproject.settings.urls.admin," it's now just "myproject.urls."

The whole thing just got a heckuva lot simpler. :)

Unfortunately, this was impossible to do without breaking backwards-compatibility. I've outlined all the code changes you'll need to make on the backwards-incompatible changes page.

I've also updated the tutorial to reflect the changes. You might find it useful to read the tutorial again to note the subtle differences.

Feel free to post questions to the django-users mailing list.

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