Django at OSCON, recap

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on August 8, 2006

OSCON 2006, the O'Reilly open-source convention in Portland, Oregon, USA, was outstanding, with plenty of both formal and informal Django activities.

Jacob kicked off the pre-conference tutorial track with a well-attended, 3.5-hour Django tutorial. The crowd included several (probably safe to say "former") Ruby on Rails developers.

As the conference began, Django was the focus of a slide in Tim O'Reilly keynote speech. That was pretty cool.

Adrian did a Django talk at the O'Reilly "Executive Briefing," during the "Who's on the O'Reilly Open Source Radar?" session. According to O'Reilly, Django is one of the "projects that we think should be on your radar."

Moving on, Jacob presented a Django overview to a great audience. Adrian did a State of Django lightning talk -- and unfortunately couldn't fit all of the goals and upcoming features into the strict five-minute time limit!

Finally, in one of the highlights of the week, we had a Django meet-n-greet, attended by all sorts of interesting people, from independent Web developers to Disney employees to Googlers. It was great to match faces to names. Malcolm Tredinnick, whose name you surely recognize if you're a member of the django-users mailing list, came from Australia.

We didn't take nearly as many photos as we should have, but we've compiled the best ones and created a Django at OSCON 2006 Tabblo. We figured it'd be appropriate, because not only is a great way of displaying event-specific photos -- the site is Django-powered.

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