Weeks in review: Aug. 22

Here are the highlights of Django improvements over the past few weeks (since version 0.95 was released). Aside from many small tweaks, bug fixes and usability improvements, here are some substantial new improvements in the Django development version:

  • Changeset 3520: No more need to edit MD5 or SHA hashes when creating users via the Django admin site! We've created a special-case 'Add user' admin view.
  • Changeset 3554: URLconfs can be passed callable objects as an alternative to strings. See the new documentation.
  • Changeset 3570: Added a SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE setting. If it's set to True, your session cookies will use the "secure" flag.
  • Changeset 3601: Added some cool new operators for the Admin "search_fields" parameter, so you can specify, for instance, that the search match only against the beginning of the database column, for performance. See the new search_fields documentation.
  • Changeset 3602: Added a middleware class called SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor. It's useful if you're behind a reverse proxy and want to convert the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header to REMOTE_ADDR automatically. See the new SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor documentation.
  • We've added a How to read the Django documentation document. (Yes, this is documentation about documentation. Rest assured we have no plans to write a document about how to read the document about documentation.)
  • We've created a 0.90-bugfixes branch and a 0.91-bugfixes branch. They're for people stuck on older releases of Django who can't immediately upgrade but run into bugs that have been fixed in the newest version but hadn't been backported. James Bennett is maintaining these branches, checking in bug fixes as they come up.

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on August 22, 2006