Django is hot

Whew! It's been a great 24 hours. The IBM Developer Works article made it to Digg, where it quickly rose to the Digg home page. 406 diggs and counting! (Whoop, make that 407...)

The article also made it to del.icio.us popular, a great indicator of what's hot.

Thanks to everybody for digging and bookmarking!

I can't help but share some choice quotes from the Digg page...

  • DeadWisdom: "PHP is like grunting and hand signals to Django's eloquent prose."
  • trutwin: "A great project - the only framework I've tried and actually used."
  • infradead: "Django totally rocks, and I'm saying that as someone who hadn't programmed either Django or Python until about four weeks ago. I'm creating some new web-based apps for work, and also (I hope) about to pick up some freelance work based on pitching Django to the client. It's ridiculously easy to use, and suitable for non-hardcore programmers."
  • glenn1you0: "Django is a frame work that gives you a head start on most apps for which you'd use it. If you have to run a race, django lets you start at the half-way point. Everything up to that point is just calisthenics."

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on June 7, 2006