Django status update: July 15

  • Malcolm Tredinnick wrote in this week and wanted everyone to know that in [5708], a change was made to the translation framework that now requires all PO files to be UTF-8 encoded: “This change only affects third-party developers who are using Django’s make-messages.py script to extract their strings for their own PO files. The PO files will need to be saved and edited as UTF-8 files and the charset set correctly in the header of the file. All of Django’s core translation files already satisfy this requirement.
  • Peter Sanchez caught my attention with a post on his blog that details the process of pinging the Technorati search engine from Django. There are, of course, several other methods of doing this. If you’re interested in pinging Technorati, check out all three.
  • Not new, but not yet covered here is Christian Metts’ typogrify filter for Django. Jeff Croft, Christian’s co-worker at World Online, has an excellent write up of the filters on his blog. The project’s Google Code page describes itself thusly: “Typogrify is a collection of Django template filters that help prettify your web typography by preventing ugly quotes and widows and providing CSS hooks to style some special cases.” For the visual among us, Christian hosts an example page demonstrating everything the filters do.
  • Will Larson has written an excellent article on putting together a “dream server” for Django deployment: “The end product is an Ubuntu Feisty server using Apache2 and mod_python to serve Django, and lighttpd to serve static media. It uses memcached as its caching backend, and uses Postgres8.2 as its database. The machine built using these instructions is in fact running this blog, which is a Django application. I performed this installation on a SliceHost 256 meg slice, but they would apply equally well to any Ubuntu server (not so well to shared hosting).
  • Thejaswi Puthraya has updated the Google Summer of Code project, django-check-constraints, this past week. The SQL generation code that had previously been addded to management.py has been moved into the Check class and the whole project has been made compatible with the newly-available unicode friendly revisions of Django.

If you have any tips, project announcements, or generally interesting Django news, email me at clintecker+djangotips@gmail.com.

Posted by Clint Ecker on July 15, 2007