I left my server in El Segundo

Posted by Jacob on September 17, 2007

If you're reading this, then you're looking at the new home of djangoproject.com.

Django's adoption has skyrocketed over the last six months or so, and with the added popularity has come increasing traffic to this site —€” we're doing close to eight million hits each month, and growing. While the increased interest couldn't make us happier, it made the old, cranky server running the site incredibly upset. Over the past weeks we've been looking around for a new home, and I'm glad to say we found it:

About a month ago, Media Temple generously offered to take up hosting our site. They've given us a screamingly fast dedicated server, free hosting, and wonderful support. Even better, this is only Media Temple's first step into the wonderful world of Django; they've got some very cool Django hosting plans coming in the near future.

We're very excited about the things we'll be able to do with our new, more powerful server. In fact, we've already started: this weekend, Matt Croydon and Joe Heck set up the Django Buildbot which has already helped us catch a few nasty bugs. We're really looking forward to finding other areas in which our newfound power can help us develop Django faster and better.

So, once again, a big thanks to Media Temple —€” and especially Chris Lea —€” for their support.

Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference for the title...

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