DjangoCon & Django 1.0 updates

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on July 29, 2008

A couple of quick updates:

DjangoCon tickets

Tickets for DjangoCon will be made available in a couple of batches of 100 tickets each. The first set of tickets will be available at 12:00pm (noon) UTC on Thursday, July 31st, and the second set will be released at 6:00pm UTC on Friday, August 1st. We’ll add a registration link to at those times.

Update: tickets are sold out.

We’re very sorry that we couldn’t accommodate more attendees; we’re limited by a tight schedule and a limited budget. The good news is that all the talks will be videotaped and made available online for those who can’t attend.

Django 1.0 release schedule

We’ve been plowing ahead towards Django’s 1.0 release in early September. Since last week’s 1.0 alpha release we’ve continued to make some pretty nice improvements, including more flexible syntax for admin registration, support for custom cache backends, and “else” option for the “ifchanged” tag, and — the biggie — support for intermediary models in many-to-many relations.

We plan to release Django 1.0 beta in about a week. This first beta release will mark feature-freeze for 1.0, so this weekend’s sprint will be critical in getting the final features for 1.0 wrapped up and out the door. We’d love to have your help this weekend!

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