Django 1.0.1 beta available

Posted by James Bennett on October 31, 2008

Following the previously-announced schedule, today the Django team has released Django 1.0.1 beta 1; this is a preview of the upcoming Django 1.0.1 release, which consists solely of bugfixes and other improvements to the Django 1.0 codebase. This package also follows our policy of maintaining compatibility in the 1.0 release series.

Though it's labeled a "beta", this package is considered to be of production quality; we're releasing it as a preview of Django 1.0.1, and the primary goal of this package is to give users of Django 1.0 an idea of what's been fixed in the codebase since the 1.0 release. If there's a particular issue you're interested in which doesn't seem to be resolved in Django 1.0.1 beta, please consider helping the Django team to fix it by working to develop a patch (see the contribution guidelines for details); Django 1.0.1 is currently scheduled for release on November 14, 2008, which provides a roughly two-week window for submitting patches (and please keep in mind that patches intended for inclusion in 1.0.1 should be against the 1.0.X branch and not trunk).

As such, this release is mostly of interest to developers who want to help out with the Django development process; the final Django 1.0.1 release next month, however, will be a recommended upgrade for all users of Django 1.0.

Also, this beta release does not contain release notes, as there are no new features, only bugfixes. When the final Django 1.0.1 release is issued next month, a list of resolved issues since 1.0 will be included in lieu of release notes.

For verification purposes, a file containing the MD5 and SHA1 checksums of the 1.0.1 beta package has been placed on the server. The file is PGP-signed with the Django release manager's key; this key has the ID 0x8C8B2AE1 and can be obtained from, e.g., the MIT PGP keyserver.

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