Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 3

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on April 1, 2010

Another good week of progress towards the 1.2 release milestone. We are now down to 54 open tickets, of which 28 are documentation or translation updates that can be addressed after the release candidate lands. This leaves 26 substantive tickets before we have a release candidate.

Although we've been reducing the ticket count by 20-30 tickets per week, some of the progress this week was due to a purge of tickets that were not critical to the 1.2 release. This means we have really had a slight slowdown in progress over the last week. This isn't entirely surprising; as we get closer to the release candidate, the complexity of the tickets that remain tends to increase, as the difficult tickets usually get left until last.

When this slowdown is combined with the fact that this weekend covers the Easter break, it's unlikely we're going to squash all 25 RC-blocking bugs by April 5. Therefore, we're going to push back the RC date by another 2 weeks. This means we are now targeting a release candidate around April 19, with a final release around April 26.

As always -- any and all assistance is most welcome; the more assistance we get, the faster 1.2 will land.

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