Django 1.1.2 released

Posted by James Bennett on May 17, 2010

Although most attention recently has been on the Django 1.2 development and release process, the Django team is pleased to announce the release of Django 1.1.2. This is the second bugfix release in the Django 1.1 series; it consists -- with one important exception, detailed in the release notes -- entirely of bugs which were either fixed specifically in the Django 1.1 tree, or fixed in trunk as part of the 1.2 process and then backported. Note that the resolutions for two bugs fixed in this release may cause compatibility issues in rare cases; consult the release notes for more information.

As this is a purely bugfix release, its release notes are rather sparses; if you're interested in a full list of the fixes applied, please consult the log of the 1.1 branch for details. Signed checksums for Django 1.1.2 are also available.

Also, please note that the release of Django 1.2, expected later today, will mark the end of general bugfix support for the Django 1.1 series; the only updates to 1.1 from this point on will be for security issues, if needed, and all support for the Django 1.1 series will end with the release of Django 1.3.

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