Django 1.2.3 released

Today the Django team has released Django 1.2.3, which remedies several issues with the recent 1.2.2 package.

This package corrects the following problems:

  • The patch applied for the security issue covered in Django 1.2.2 caused issues with non-ASCII responses using CSRF tokens. This has been remedied.
  • The patch also caused issues with some forms, most notably the user-editing forms in the Django administrative interface. This has been remedied.
  • The packaging manifest did not contain the full list of required files. This has been remedied.

All users of Django are encouraged to upgrade to Django 1.2.3 immediately; the 1.2.3 package can be obtained from the Django downloads page, and as always signed checksums for the package are available.

Posted by James Bennett on September 10, 2010