Django 1.3 release schedule - Update 3

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on February 2, 2011

According to our release schedule, this week should have seen the release of Django 1.3 final. Obviously, this hasn't happened.

The good news is that at this time, there are no tickets blocking a release. To the best of our knowledge, Django's trunk repository is currently free of regressions, there are no bugs causing serious data loss, and there are no major problems with new features. There is one ticket (#15149) that might turn into a release blocker, but is still undergoing triage. This means we're almost in a position to produce a final release.

However, in order to make Django 1.3 as good as it can be, we're going to keep the release open for a couple more weeks. This will allow us to clear out the backlog of patches that have been reviewed and are marked Ready For Checkin. There are currently 29 tickets in the Ready For Checkin state. The aim is to commit as many of these patches as time allows. If you have a ticket that is on Milestone 1.3 and you want to see it actually get committed to 1.3, then you need to get it reviewed by someone so it can progress to Ready For Checkin. If it isn't Ready For Checkin, it won't be checked in!

We have also just completed migrating Django's translation infrastructure to Transifex. This requires the existing translation teams to register on the new service. If you are involved in a translation team, make sure you have registered on Transifex so you are ready when the release candidate string freeze occurs.

With these factors in mind, we have revised the release schedule: we are now aiming to produce a release candidate in the week of February 14, with a final release in the week of February 21.

As always, any and all assistance is most welcome. Test out the backwards compatibility of the trunk code, try out new features, review patches, edit documentation -- the more assistance we get, the better 1.3 will be.

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