Recent Django Software Foundation activities

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on June 26, 2012

Back in January, the Django Software Foundation (DSF) held our first ever membership drive. Here's an update on what we've been doing with the funds that we raised:

Of course, none of these activities would have been possible without the generous financial support of our corporate members - and the more members we have, the more we can do to make the Django community a better place. If you are interested in becoming a corporate member of the DSF, you can find out more on our corporate membership page.

And if you are organizing a Django-related event that would benefit from some financial assistance, or if you're an individual who would like to attend a Django event (such as the upcoming DjangoCon US) but requires some finanical help, get in touch - the DSF may be able to help you out.

We are also interested in sponsoring projects that will make the Django community a better place. So if you've got an idea for something that will be of value to the Django community, and you just need a little financial assistance to get it off the ground (or keep it off the ground), let us know about it, and the DSF may be able to help out.

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