Django Sprint in Stockholm, Sweden

Posted by Jannis Leidel on October 10, 2012

I’m very happy to announce that there will be a two-day Django sprint on November 17-18 in Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks to the Django Software Foundation Django core developer Jannis Leidel will be there in person to help out. Organized by the Django Stockholm Meetup Group.

The sprint will be focused on Django 1.5 RC1, helping out getting it as stable and bug-free as possible. It’s scheduled for release on November 26, one week after the sprint. It's also possible to work on 1.6.

The venue is Fyndiq office, located in the Stockholm city centre and has 50 spots. The sprint will start at 10 AM CET on Saturday and finish Sunday evening. There will also be a chance to hang out together at the location the night before the sprint on Friday with drinks and snacks.

Register yourself if you want to attend in person. More information can also be found on the Django wiki sprint page.

If you’re unable get to Stockholm in person you are invited to participate online from wherever you are. Add your name under Roster in the sprint page. Core developers will be available in the Freenode IRC channel #django-sprint in order to review tickets and to assist you in the sprinting process.

We hope you can join us and help make the sprints as successful as possible.

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