Delays in the final release of Django 1.5

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on January 24, 2013

Django 1.5 Release Candidate 1 was released on January 4, and at the time of that release, we were expecting the final release to occur approximately 1 week later.

Unfortunately, testing of the release candidate has revealed several problems. In order to ensure the quality of Django 1.5, we've decided to delay the release.

In order to ensure that we've found all the problems, we're going to wait a week or so, then issue a second release candidate. Assuming no problems are found with this second release candidate, the final release will occur a week later.

We apologize for the delays in releasing 1.5 final. In an ideal world, we'd release on time and with no bugs; however, since that wasn't possible, we've opted to ensure the quality of the release, rather than hit a specific deadline. If you want to help ensure the quality of the final release, grab the code from the 1.5 release branch, and test it against your own projects and test suites.

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