DjangoCon Europe 2013 tickets are on sale

Posted by Ola Sitarska and Russell Keith-Magee on March 1, 2013

This year, DjangoCon Europe will take place in Warsaw, capital of Poland! There is one crazy twist though - this edition is going to be circus edition - the conference will be held inside a real circus tent, in the calm, green area of Warsaw Horse Racing Track.

Conference talks include:
  • Class-Based Views: Untangling the mess
  • Getting past the Django ORM limitations with Postgres
  • Bleed for Speed: Django for Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced Python through Django: Metaclasses
  • How to combine JavaScript & Django in a smart way
  • Dynamic Models in Django
  • Processing payments for the paranoid
  • Django Internet of Things

A full list of all talks is available on the DjangoCon Europe website.

  • 15-17 May, 2013 - Conference
  • 18-19 May, 2013 - Sprints

Tickets are US$500 (approximately €380). You can buy tickets at

Wonder how to convince your boss to pay for your conference trip and ticket? Here is a blog post with a few suggestions.

This year's edition of DjangoCon Europe is shaping up to be epic. Why not come and be a part of it?

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