DjangoCon US 2013 wrapup

DjangoCon US 2013 has finished for another year -- which means the hard work to organize DjangoCon US 2014 has just begun!

If you were an attendee at DjangoCon US this year, you should have received an invitation to participate in a survey on your conference experience. This feedback is incredibly valuable as it helps to shape our plans for next year. If you were able to make it to Chicago, we strongly encourage you to fill out this survey.

However, we're not just interested in hearing the opinion of attendees. If you didn't attend DjangoCon US, we'd like to know why! If there's something we could have done to convince you to attend, we want to know about it so that we can fix it for next year. Get in touch and let us know what we should have done better.

Even more important than ideas and feedback are volunteers. Any plans we make are only as good as the people who turn those plans into reality, and we need volunteers to make this happen. Much of the activity you see around DjangoCon US is organized by volunteers, including:

  • The conference website
  • Organizing the Call for Papers
  • Reviewing and selecting the talks for the conference program
  • Organizing keynote speakers
  • Organizing sponsors
  • Session chairs during the conference
  • Organizing the post-conference sprint
  • ... and much more.

If you're interested in helping for DjangoCon US 2014, you can join the DjangoCon Organizers mailing list. This list is free for anyone to join. It doesn't matter whether you're a veteran DjangoCon attendee, or you're attending for the first time -- we'll accept volunteer help from anyone.

Next year, DjangoCon US will be returning to Portland, Oregon, so we're obviously interested in anyone who is a Portland native who can help with coordination on the ground. However, you can help even if you're not a Portland local. Much of volunteer activity prior to the conference itself is conducted online.

So - let us know what we can do better, and help us make those plans a reality. We hope we'll see even more of you in Portland in September next year!

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on September 20, 2013