DjangoCon US rumbles to life

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee and Steve Holden on August 1, 2014

Registrations for DjangoCon US have been moving slowly but steadily despite the fact that the program hasn't yet been announced. This situation will be rectified quite shortly, but we can already tell you about one of the keynote speakers.

Andrew Godwin is extremely familiar to the Django community through his work as the creator and maintainer of South, the defacto standard schema migration framework for Django.

For the past two years, initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Andrew has been working on integrating migrations into Django's core. His talk, entitled Digging into Django's Migrations introduces the new migrations framework, explaining its architecture and showing how the pieces fit together. Andrew's talk will assume very little prior experience with Django's internals, and is meant more for developing programmers to get an insight into a multi-year, backwards-compatible-with-everything design process.

Further keynote announcements are due from the conference producers shortly and we'll keep you up to date. See you at DjangoCon US!

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