Django Update - 2014-01-26 to 2014-02-08

Posted by Curtis Maloney on February 9, 2014


And the hits just keep on coming! This time around we've got more releases, more meets, and... well, more of (almost) everything!


Right on the back of the 1.7alpha1 release, we now have a 1.7alpha2. Turns out there was some nasty interaction between the new system checks framework and the changes made to app loading.

Google's "Summer of Code" is coming up [coming? it's summer now for some of us!] so it's time to start getting your submissions ready. Don't be scared - the core devs are really a friendly bunch :)

It seems Django has been getting some attention in the land of the Blue... IBM have contributed a Python driver and Django backend. You can read more about it here.

Ticket Movement

Short lived tickets: 48

Tickets Created: 42

Open tickets: 1406 (+10)


Adam Spence has offered to donate his Bootstrap based redesign of Admin. How do people feel about that? Some might say it would only encourage people to use Admin for purposes it's not designed. Others may say it's removing another road-block from making Admin more flexible.

Did you know?

There's a handy Django Development Dashboard you can use to watch how development is progressing over time.


Writing this update is harder than I'd expected. However, some people have made an effort to send me some positive feedback, which although it doesn't sound much, does make a difference.

So... thanks!

-- Have a better one!

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