Kickstarting Improved PostgreSQL support for Django

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on February 17, 2014

Django has always been a database agnostic framework. If we add a database-facing feature, we make sure that it works on SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. However, in the real world, some individual databases have some extraordinary features that others do not. While it is usually possible to access those features in some way, they don't have first class support in Django.

Django core team member Marc Tamlyn would like fix this situation, and develop a contrib library exposing all the interesting features of PostgreSQL to Django users.

However, to do this he needs the community's help. Developing this sort of functionality takes time, and that time can be hard to find in a busy schedule. To help fund development, Marc has launched a project on Kickstarter. The funds will be used to pay for Marc's time so that he can finish work on the codebase and get it ready for inclusion in Django.

You can find a lot more details about Marc's plans on the Kickstarter project page. The project met it's funding goal very quickly, but Marc has provided a bunch of very tantalising stretch goals which would be extremely interesting features for Django (and in some cases, would even be cross database compatible!)

The Django Software Foundation and the Django Core team have both endorsed this effort; the DSF has donated £1000 towards the project. We hope that you will join us in supporting Marc's Kickstarter project.

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