New core team members

Posted by Carl Meyer on October 13, 2014

The Django core team is pleased to announce the addition of four new members.

Michael Manfre is the maintainer of the django-mssql database backend and has contributed to many ORM design discussions and patches, particularly as they impact third-party database backends and using Django on Windows.

Collin Anderson offers frequent support on the django-users mailing list and in Trac ticket triage.

Tom Christie is the maintainer of the widely-used django-rest-framework API toolkit.

Curtis Maloney, better known to many as FunkyBob, has been a fixture in the #django IRC channel for years, answering support questions from all comers, as well as contributing to Django design discussions in #django-dev on IRC and on the django-developers mailing list.

In keeping with the recent updates to the structure of the core team, these new members bring experience and perspectives to the Django project that go beyond just submitting patches to Django (though they've all done that as well), including user support, Trac triage and maintenance of high-profile Django-related projects. We thank all of them for their past contributions, and look forward to their continued work to improve the Django project.

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