Re-election of the DSF Board: Call for candidates

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on October 26, 2014

Over the last 12 months, the Django Software Foundation (DSF) has been making efforts to improve transparency and accountability as an organisation. We've started publishing the minutes to DSF board meetings. We also published an annual report on the activities and financial state of the DSF.

The next step in this process is to improve the accountability of the board itself. Historically, board members have been elected by the DSF membership; however, once elected, the have sat on the board until they chose to stand down. To improve the accountability of the board, we're going to move to an annual re-election for board positions.

To that end, the DSF is calling for candidates to stand for election to the DSF board. With one exception, all of the current board members have indicated their interest in continuing to serve for the 2015 calendar year; however, the election is open to anyone who wishes to serve on the board.

What does a DSF board member do? DSF Board positions are unpaid volunteer positions. DSF board members are expected to participate in a monthly board teleconference, and follow up on any activities generated by that teleconference. Depending on the business presented to the board, this may result in additional work over the course of the month. The work will usually be administrative and organisational in nature -- for example, managing the financial affairs of the DSF, representing the board in legal discussions, or liaising with groups performing work on the DSF's behalf.

We are making a particular call for someone to fill the role of Treasurer. Joseph Kocherhans has served as DSF Treasurer since the DSF was founded in 2008. However, due to his own personal commitments, and the increased responsibilities brought on by projects like the DSF Fellowship program, Joseph has decided to stand down. Joseph has done an amazing job over the last 6 years, and especially over the last 12 months. The Django Software Foundation would like to thank Joseph for his diligent service.

The following positions need to be filled for the 2015 calendar year:

Once applications for candidacy have been received, the DSF membership will cast votes to select the winning candidates. Developer members are individuals appointed by the DSF board in recognition of their service to the Django community. Corporate members are those that have contributed financially to the DSF. If you are interested in becoming a corporate member of the DSF, you can find out more on our corporate membership page.

To declare your candidacy for a board position, send an email to, with your name, the position(s) you would like to be considered for, and a one paragraph candidacy statement describing why you should be elected to a DSF board position. This candidacy statement will be distributed to the membership when voting occurs.

The call for candidates closes at 1200 UTC on November 7. If you've got any other questions about the board election process, please get in touch.

Update, 0730 CDT, Oct 27: The original text indicated that Jannis Leidel's board seat was up for re-election; however, since he only assumed his seat 4 months ago, he considered to be appointed for the 2015 calendar year.

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