Django 1.8 release shirt

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on April 28, 2015

Last year, to commemorate the release of Django 1.7, we ran a fundraising campaign selling t-shirts and hoodies with a limited edition, specially commissioned design. That campaign raised almost $10,000 for the Django Software Foundation.

Since it was such a great success, we're doing it again for the Django 1.8 release! We've commissioned some new artwork from Django Girls alumnus Beatrix Bodó; we're offering that design in 4 styles:

(We're not huge fans of the "mens", "womens" and "unisex" labels for shirts for a variety of reasons, but they're the terms in common use in the industry)

UK/European prices will be slightly higher due to VAT.

All profits from the campaign go to the Django Software Foundation, to help fund activities like sprints, travel grants to DjangoCon, and supporting events like Django Girls workshops.

It's a crowdfunding campaign - we need to hit a minimum of 100 sales to confirm the print run. If we don't hit that target, there won't be any shirts! It also means that there's a time limit - you need to place your order by May 12. If you don't place an order before then, you'll miss out!

So - place your orders, and spread the word!

UPDATE: Added a note about VAT for UK and European purchases.

UPDATE 29 April: we've hit 100 sales, so the print run is happening! Get your order in by May 12th, and you'll get a shirt or hoodie.

UPDATE 1 May: Modified the shirt descriptions to remove gender specificity.

UPDATE 13 May: The campaign has now closed, raising almost $6500 for the Django Software Foundation. Thanks to everyone who contributed!.

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